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Hey Wilf! Okay, I've pulled two loads this morning now. The CAT has never felt and sounded this good since I bought it. It was I framed over 400k km ago and I had two valve sets before you did. This one is by far the best one, so good job! Thanks for spreading your business cards! Lol. I'll be back!

~ Another Satisfied Wilf's Customer

Wilf's Engine Shop is a company I will always recommend. The professionalism and dedication is exceptional. Price-wise and customer service is top notch. They took care of my company truck like its their own.  I will definitely recommend them anytime.

~Another Satisfied Wilf's Customer

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With over 40 years of reputable experience, Wilf's Engine Shop is happy to welcome in customer's both new and return. Wilf is well known around Central Alberta for his quality work and thorough knowledge of heavy duty machines. 

Our shop may be new, but our experience is anything but green. We take the time to give it the attention it needs because we've put in the time to understand the machines. Book in today and see why our customers are always satisfied and return clients.