Routine Maintenance

You don't need us to tell you why preventative maintenance is a long-term money saver and even life saver.

What is included in a heavy duty routine maintenance trip?

To keep your truck performing at it's optimal condition and to ensure that the highways and roads are safe with your equipment on them, our heavy duty mechanics put their training to work to ensure that everything is functioning as it should be. This includes:

  • Engine performance

  • Transmission

  • Fluids and other non-safety components

  • A review of the body for things such as rust

  • Brakes

  • & more

At the end of your regular maintenance visit we will present you with all of our findings. It is at this point that we will put together a quote for services required and determine a timeline for completion.

Is routine maintenance an industry requirement for commercial vehicles?

"Section 6 of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation (AR 121/2009) specifies that a carrier must establish, maintain and follow a written maintenance and inspection program that pertains to all applicable vehicles registered to the carrier in Alberta, including leased vehicles. The policies and procedures set out in the maintenance program must provide for continuous and regular inspections that meet the requirements specified in: 1. Schedules2,3,4,and5oftheregulationasapplicable; 2. Sections10(tripinspection)and11(underthevehicleinspectionofamotorcoach)of the regulation; and 3. TheVehicleInspectionRegulation(AR211/2006)."

~ Transportation Compliance in Alberta

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