Engine Rebuilds & Repairs

Wilf has a 40 year reputation for being one of the best at rebuilding & repairing engines.

How long does an engine rebuild or repair take?

Anywhere between a week to a month and in some cases, even upward of a month. No two jobs are exactly the same when it comes to engine rebuilds and repairs. We will have to take the time to inspect and understand the issues and then set out to correcting them with quality craftsmanship.

How is a motor rebuilt?

Each motor is going to have it's own unique character to what is needed for it's rebuild, but ultimately, ever rebuild consists of a few key-steps:

  • Rotating the assembly balance

  • Replacing damages parts

  • Checking the clearance and cylinder heads

How to decide on a mechanic for your heavy duty engine rebuild or repair?

The most reliable method is of course word-of-mouth. But what happens when you don't have any big rig references in Red Deer to help you decide which heavy duty mechanic to trust with your motor repair? Well, that's when you dive into references and reviews.

We here at Wilf's are not hiding anything, we'd love for you to take a look at our reviews and make a decision for yourself about whether or not we're the heavy duty mechanic shop for your job.

Red Deer's Best Engine Rebuilds

Emit Less Pollutants

Rebuilt Engines have Better Gas Mileage