What to Expect in an Engine Rebuild or Repair

H​ere at Wilf's Engine Shop, our reputation for craftsmanship when it comes to heavy-duty engine rebuilds (and repairs) of precedes us. We've been in the Red Deer, Alberta area long enough and have proven our quality with a reputation earned through time.

S​ometimes when you've specialized in something so long, though, you forget what it's like to rely on a specialist. We were asked:

"​How much does it cost to rebuild an engine?"

The simple answer to that question is that no simple answer to that question exists. There is no fixed-price point for an engine rebuild, and that is because no two engines will be the same in the ways that they fail.

T​his simple question sparked ideas within our team. It occurred to us that not everyone knows what goes on in the shop when a motor is being overhauled. This is why we've put together a brief overview of what is included in a heavy duty engine repair.

6​ Phases of an Engine Rebuild

  1. E​ngine Block Removal: U​sing special lifts and strapping systems, we remove the engine block from the truck or heavy duty equipment and move it to a location where we are able to work on the motor without limitations.

  2. E​ngine Block Disassemble, Cleaning, Inspection & Diagnosis: C​leaning and disassembling allows for an exact inspection and diagnosis. Through this step we are able to find the failed parts, pistons, rings, gaskets, shafts, cranks etc.

  3. R​eplace Engine Parts: D​epending on which parts of the engine required replacing will inform which parts are ordered in.

  4. C​onditioning & Creating Seals: N​ew and old (clean) parts of the engine that has been pulled apart will be conditioned and lubricated approrpiately to allow for a clean seal and reliable movement upon rebuild.

  5. R​eassemble Engine Block: R​eassembly is the fifth step. We take all of the new and old parts and rebuild the engine. This is the true rebuild component of the rebuild project.

  6. R​einstall Engine Block: U​sing those same straps, blocks and lifts we place the engine block back into the piece of equipment and ensure that everything is running like brand-new.

W​e hope that this article has helped you in understanding a little more about what you might be paying for at a mechanic shop. It's important to understand the services we're paying for, but ultimately, you do have to be able to trust your mechanic as well.

G​one are the days when it was simply expected that a mechanic was not to be trusted. We here at Wilf's Engine Shop want you to feel confident both when you drop your heavy duty machine off with us and also when you drive away from the shop with it.

I​f you have a need for any heavy duty engine repairs, rebuilds or even regular maintenance, please feel free to call our office. We offer mobile mechanic services and we specialize in all things heavy duty.

S​tay safe on the road, and we look forward to working together!

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