Heavy Duty Routine Maintenance: Scheduled Equipment Care

R​outine maintenace on a heavy duty machine can be the difference between getting the job done and becoming the job.

We here at Wilf's Engine Shop were inspired by our scheduling and invoicing software and thought it would be a great opportunity to share a blog about the different services we offer in a routine maintenance inspection.

All of our regular and routine maintenance programs can be scheduled ahead of time based on the VIN of a vehicle. This system ensures that your fleet manager or operators are receiving the necessary emails at the right time. A reminder to help keep your equipment running at peak performance.

What is Included in a Routine Mechanical Inspection?

Engine tune up:

There are a lot of moving parts in an engine and that's why a tune up is helpful. We look for anything that is beginning to wear down, damaged or aged. We replace the engine parts in question and ensure that your engine is ready for more miles.

Braking system:

Tires off and a thorough inspection of rotors, pads and drums (respectively). We will communicate the percentage of brake remaining on your unit.

Engine oil and filter changes:

Regular oil changes and fluid check's ensure that your engine is receiving the preventative maintenance and monitoring which will keep all it's moving parts moving. We don't want an engine seizing, that's why your engine oil is important.


Important to ensure even wear on the tires of your unit and to create ease of control for the operator.

Cooling system check up:

We review all the necessary fluids and parts to keep your machine running at the appropriate temperature.

ECM download:

A scan and download of important information from your commercial vehicle or equipment will allow our shop to view any potential clues of issues or areas that require attention on your vehicle.

Suspension system check up:

A regular inspection of your suspension system does more than just create a smooth and enjoyable ride. A grinding suspension system can increase the wear-time on every other piece within your heavy duty machine.

Fuel system tune up:

A lot like the engine tune-up, the fuel system injectors are subject to wear and tear. We inspect each one, replace the necessary pieces of equipment and even are able to flush lines that have acquired debris over time. A poorly operating fuel system is the difference between peak fuel economy and poor fuel economy.

Undercarriage and frame check up:

All bushings and grommets are inspected on the underside of your heavy duty piece of equipment. We get underneath and inspect all pieces to ensure that they are fitted snug and are holding up to the vibration of regular operations. All unsuitable pieces are replaced as required.

Engine and transmission mounts:

Similar to the undercarriage and frame check up, we want to be sure that all parts of the unit are fitting tight and snug. Additional vibration and movement where it is not meant to be acts as a domino effect. This means that while it could be a single grommet or bushing that is a little loose, the excess vibration ripples throughout the vehicle and can impact other parts of your equipment in a major way.

Annual Inspection (CVIP):

Wilf's Engine Shop is an Authorized Inspector of the Vehicle Inspection Program (& Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program). We're here to help keep Canada and Alberta's road's safe.

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