Wilf's Credentials
& Mechanic Licensing

As per the Alberta Motor Vehicle Council's standards, please see the above documents for verification of the level of training and care that is offered here at Wilf's Mechanic Shop. 

When choosing a mechanic, be it heavy-duty or for everyday use, it is required that they have their certifications and licensing made available for public review. If you are unable to locate a mechanic's certifications, it is worth considering finding a new mechanic. 

By ensuring that your mechanic is fully ticketed and accredited with the governing bodies of your province, you are ensuring that your vehicle will be receiving the utmost care based with regards to safety and compliance of standards.

Your vehicle's safety is the community's safety as well because we all share the roads. Be sure to make the right choice when deciding where you will take your vehicle for it's regular maintenance and emergency interventions.